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My name is Julia Sillett and in the words of one of my favourite authors, Louisa May Alcott,

“I like good, strong words that mean something” – Louisa Mae Alcott

While pursuing my MA in English, I took a class called Literary Empathy Studies. This course, and the inspiring woman who taught it changed the way I saw the world. After spending years studying English and literature, I finally understood the powerful way in which words can help us all understand each other a little better.
I’ve always been interested in the art of hospitality, making people feel welcome, just by being themselves. However what I didn’t understand at the time, was that I couldn’t truly create this feeling if I didn’t feel comfortable with my own place in this world. I needed to invite myself into that experience of “home” before I could really attempt to create that for others.

In June 2017, I moved to Grimsby, Ontario. It felt like a fresh start and for the first time in life, I’ve been finding the courage to write my own story.

It’s a story where I live with more curiosity and a lot less fear. As I explore the area, try new things and meet new people, I am learning to become comfortable living beyond my comfort zone.
As I go on this blogging adventure to share my experiences of Grimsby and the stories of those who are making Grimsby feel like home for all of us, I hope that between the lines, you hear me saying to you, “There’s a place for you here. The you-est you. Welcome home.”

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