Quintessence Ensemble in Grimsby: Part II

Like so much of life (as I am starting to realize myself), Quintessence wasn’t something that they had known or planned from the beginning. Perhaps you could say, it chose them. It started as an idea from their mother to form an ensemble. Word-of-mouth has been the majority of their marketing. As the girls describe it, opportunities have “fallen into their laps” without their active seeking. Playing at weddings turned into television appearances and international performances. This year, after moving to Grimsby, they began to string fairy lights in their backyard, serve delicious refreshments and put on backyard concerts for their community.

Classical Music Austria
I adore Quintessence Ensemble’s rendition of The Sound of Music score.

They love their new community in Grimsby where they have been since December 2017, and are always looking for ways to be more involved in the life of this lovely town. It’s a change from  Toronto where they were living before, but they have fallen in love with the openness of the Niagara Area. They love that on one hand, this town has every convenience you could possibly need, and yet, you can enjoy the charm of the beautiful historic homes, and take in the sights of orchards and buy fresh, local fruit. As Hannah pointed out:

“There’s almost a European landscape here. It brings back memories of being in Germany and Switzerland.”

I asked each of the Cacciacarro sisters what their favourite part of Grimsby has been so far since moving here. Here are their answers:


“We have developed a really nice walking path to get to the beaches. There are so many ups and downs with performing life, so you seize the moment when you can to just relax. Coming from Toronto, swimming in the lake is such a novelty!”


“I love this little town of Grimsby. It has everything we need here, and I think one of my favourite places to visit has been Station 1. One day in the winter we all walked there and got to enjoy an open mic night in their beautiful atmosphere.”


“I really enjoy the artistic side of Grimsby. It’s been amazing seeing the Grimsby Beach Houses, they are amazing!”

Grimsby is lucky to have crossed paths with the lovely Cacciacarro sisters as they bring light and vibrancy to this growing town.

To learn more about Quintessence Ensemble’s performances or their Studio Forte in Grimsby, visit:


Quintessence Instagram

Studio Forte Instagram

Studio Forte Facebook

YouTube Channel

Check them out playing one of my favourite songs of all time! “My Favourite Things,” The Sound of Music. 

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