Library Love: Part II

When’s the last time you were at the library? Have you discovered all the activities, resources, social opportunities and media the Grimsby Library has to offer?

Hygge by Meik Wiking
I was thrilled to come across Meik Wiking’s “The Little Book of Hygge.” It’s the perfect read, filled with the most profound little thoughts.


Confession: when I read Tiffany Mayer’s article, I hadn’t been inside a library in nearly three years. Her story made me pause and ask myself how this had happened – I had grown up with a librarian grandmother, as well as a mother who brought me and my siblings to the public library religiously. To us, it was a sacred space in our community, where I learned to read, got to play on the computer (I’m a small-town 90s kid and we didn’t have a computer until I was 13), and eventually volunteered during our pre-teen years. However, after spending nearly every waking hour writing papers in libraries during my Master’s program, I think I needed to build some new associations with these spaces. It was time to explore the public library as an adult so I could rediscover the joy it once gave me as a child.

The Fiction Section
While I have recently discovered the power of non-fiction books, fiction literature will always be my first literary love.


I created a summer book list and started reading. The librarians helped me find every single book on my list; some of them were in the Grimsby location and some of them needed to be ordered in. I picked out books to read purely for the joy of cracking them open, being inspired and experiencing that incomparable satisfaction of gently folding it closed when I had read the last page.  Over the past few months, my life has been changed by the words of authors like Elizabeth Gilbert, Brené Brown, Neil Pasricha and Gretchen Rubin.

The library has also been a peaceful haven on chaotic days – not because it’s silent, but because it’s full of life. The sun pours through the big windows, librarians are helping people find their next great read, there are students doing homework together and there are moms reading to their children. During the summer, there is even a beautiful patio, which I am craving right now as I think about the wind, snow, rain and hail we’ve all witnessed here in the last 48 hours (#HitTheRoadWinter, am I right?).

Cozy Reading Corners at GPL
The Grimsby Library is full of the coziest reading spots, like this comfy reading corner by the fireplace.

I highly encourage you to take a moment to stop by if you have not yet. Be sure to check out GPL’s media lab (did you know it has a 3D printer?), its ancestry search services and their many book clubs. Stay tuned as well, because in future blog posts I am excited to tell you more about programs like the Grimsby Author Series and the Grimsby Grows Seed Library.

I am always glad to take book recommendations, so find me on Instagram and let me know if you’ve read any good books lately!

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