The Art of Simplicity: Crock A Doodle Grimsby

Crock A Doodle in Grimsby

As I’ve been flipping through the local newspapers these past few months, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by all the artistic gatherings around Grimsby: knitting clubs, art cafés, crafting clubs…and I’m sure the list goes on even further than I realize. I can, however, speak to one particularly delightful art service here in Grimsby. At the end of January, I attended a “Pals & Gals” paint night at Grimsby Crock A Doodle, which the owner Connie holds on the last Thursday of every month. That evening was an opportunity to spend time with my sister, relax and let my imagination guide. I find these kinds of creative outlets to be a profound source of joy, because they are more about enjoying the process, rather than judging the end result.

There are many studies that have been done on the health benefits of creative activities. An article in Verily Magazine outlines these advantages, which can include anything from stress management, recovery from illness or the prevention of cognitive issues later in our life, such as Dementia.

When my sister and I walked into Crock A Doodle in downtown Grimsby, I immediately smiled at the sound of Ella Fitzgerald and other jazz crooners playing over the stereo. I told Connie how much I loved the cozy atmosphere she had created that evening, and she replied:

“This music takes us back to simpler times, which is really what these nights are supposed to feel like.”

Indeed, a fun and simple time was had by all that evening. We began by choosing our pottery piece and from there, we were helped by the devoted Crock A Doodle staff. After choosing our colours, we painted and chatted while a delicious array of snacks and drinks was served. I felt like I was back “in the moment” finding joy in every brush stroke. I’m excited to return and explore more creative opportunities in Grimsby.

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