Going Green in Grimsby: Mrs. Greenway

“You can’t do it all at once,” says Christine, co-owner of Mrs. Greenway in downtown Grimsby. “Start with one thing, like changing your deodorant or a cleaning product, and then take it in baby steps from there. Our mission is to make the switch easier on people.”

This “switch” to a more natural, eco-friendly lifestyle is one she knows much about. I had the privilege of sitting down with Christine at Station 1 Coffeehouse to discuss the inspiring work she does with her mother Mary Lou, as they bring healthy, natural and environmentally-friendly products to the lives of Grimsby residents: products like doTERRAS’wellChewbeads and Matt and Nat.


The team at Mrs. Greenway in Grimsby
helped me find the perfect Oriwest
diffuser and essential oils.

Christine explained that her journey began with a search for baby cream that would be gentle on her infant; several years later, this journey has gradually become a lifestyle. Now, she brings this knowledge to her customers, helping them make informed decisions as well. I can say from experience that her team educates and helps customers, showing an understanding of the products, as well as the difficulties and rewards of the journey.




As someone who is in the beginning stages of this transition myself, I was so encouraged by the empathy and passion Christine brought into our conversation. I was also thrilled to hear of the thorough research she puts into the selection process of every single product she puts on her shelves:


“We do all the research for our customers. They can be assured that their products are truly eco products. Anything we sell is stuff I have used in my own home, with my own family. Some of it even for years.”


When I look around at all the natural beauty in Grimsby, I am thankful for places like Mrs. Greenway, which is preserving this incredible gift for generations to come.

A snowy Grimsby escarpment.

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