A “Wilde” Afternoon

How are some ways you show yourself care and compassion? Dr. Valerie Taylor states in a Maclean’s article that, “self-neglect is a big problem for women. They look at everything that has to get done and they put themselves at the bottom of the list.”

I always loved getting a haircut as a child, but somewhere along the way, they turned into a once-a-year phenomenon. Self-care, on the whole, was sinking lower on my priority list. So, on a particularly gloomy January day this new year, I treated myself to a wash, trim and style at Wilde Hair Salon on Kerman Avenue in Grimsby. It felt great to be greeted with kind smiles, one of which was boldly painted with a bright blue lipstick. As I looked around to admire the quaint vintage décor, I immediately felt at home; it was a fusion of something classic and “wilde.”

Mara, owner of Wilde Hair Salon for over three years, led me back to a comfy chair and asked me all the questions necessary to make sure I ended up with the haircut I was looking for. Soon enough, we were chatting like old friends about our families, her advice for fighting dry winter hair and her experiences as an entrepreneur. I love meeting someone for the first time and feeling like I can be completely myself.

After a soothing shampoo scalp massage and a healthy cut, I stood up and soaked in that feeling of “lightness” when you shake your head from side to side. I needed that afternoon in the middle of the year’s gloomiest season. Mara said that her goal every day is to make people feel at home and comfy and to make her customers feel good about themselves. This is how I’ve felt when I visit so many places here in Grimsby, but I thought I would begin by sharing this lovely person and business with you.

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