An In-Between Place

There’s something about Grimsby that has made me more aware of what’s happening around me. Every day I’m making discoveries and I’m excited to share them with you. 

I’ve always liked places that I can’t quite describe. They stir the curiosity and creativity in me. I think that’s why I feel so at-home in Grimsby. It’s a unique town in-between Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment. Although it’s part of the Niagara Region, it’s also a close neighbour to Hamilton. Walking downtown I can visit cafes and trendy boutiques, and then walk just around the corner to hike the Bruce Trail or walk a little further the other way to Nelles Park, and dip my feet in the water. Since moving here in June 2017, it’s been a refreshing experience of starting something new. It’s been an opportunity to define for myself what “home” can be. I think we all experience home a little differently, but I am also confident that we can help each other know that feeling wherever we are.

Throughout this blog, I will tell stories from my experiences around Grimsby, with the goal of helping us all feel more known. I think that’s a vital part of feeling at home.

Join me as I:

      • Share stories from Grimsby’s past
      • Visit local businesses and hear from their owners
      • Explore scenic places for morning walks
      • Discover the best spots to satisfy my late-night cookie cravings
      • Experience the feeling of “togetherness” at events around Grimsby
    I am part of the changing population in Grimsby, and as much as I feel invested in its future, I also want to explore the stories of Grimsby’s history. I think Grimsby has stories to tell, as well as all its “Grimbarians” (to borrow a term researched by Dorothy Turcotte in her book Gleanings from Grimsby to refer to someone born or living in Grimsby ). With over 200 years of history, I’m confident there are stories to find from past to present.

Thank you for coming along on this exploration as I find myself, a home and a community in Grimsby, Ontario.



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